Real Mexican Flavor

Over ten years ago founder Tomas and his Family recipe began a journey in the state of Washington. Because their home cooking was so popular within the friends and neighbors, possibilities of marketing his great flavor was born. From construction site to construction site Tomas's food became a hit. Very soon the lines started to form and expanding was the next step.

Tajos El Tajin has two Mobil Mexican Food Truck locations in the city of Seattle and a Restaurant in Algona Washington. His authentic Mexican food flavor has the whole Seattle area talking. Inviting attitude with a friendly personality has made Tomas a great icon in the community. He cares about offering you the best service that he can give by making sure that it is duplicated within his team.

No matter in which location you are you will always find consistency in the taste and excellent customer service…and do not forget as he always say…TAKE CARE AND DON'T DRIVE TO FAST!